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**Hi what's your name?: Hello. I'm Sofie.

**That's nice, I don't really care: I don't either. :)

**Okay let's start with this, do you consider yourself to be a band dork?: Hell yes!

**Are you proud of it?: You darn well better believe that.

**Do you like your uniform?: YES. I respect it a lot too.

**Does it fit?: I'm pals with the Quartermasters and Ms Z the seamstress! ^_^ And I got like 4th pick on it and my bearskin and curb chain too. Right after the officers. (One's a piper, so she gets a kilt and no bearskin.) hehe.

**Do you tap your feet outside of band?: Yep.

**Has anyone ever said anything to you about it?: Yes. "You stupid bando!"

**What's your band director's name?: Head Director Greg MacGill (AKA GMac) Assistant Director Kevin Long (AKA KLO).

**What do non-band people think about him/her?: Everyone thinks GMac's a complete ditz, and they're right. Many people are afraid of KLo since he use to use punishment methods when he first started teaching in the early 90's that are now against the rules... So rumours remain, regardless of how amazing of an individual he is.

**What is their original instrument?: GMac's a sax player/a self-proclaimed "bastard flautist" and KLo's a trumpet god.

**What do you play?: Marching band: Piccolo Concert band: Flute Orchestra: Violin Flute Ensemble: Bass flute Other: Clarinet, Alto sax, Viola, Double Bass, Guitar, Drum Set, Piano... And I have limited brass playing skills as well.... And I can pick up any wind very easily...

**Do you enjoy it?: Yes. If I did not, I wouldn't've picked up all those instruments. :)

**If you HAD to switch, what would you play?: Well, I can play just about everything.... But I think I'd like to march on sax.... I'd love to learn oboe or bassoon tho...

**Have you ever dated another band dork?: Yes.

**What did he or she play?: The first played bagpipes, the second was a sword in the Colour Guard. But I'm gay, so it was more of a really close friendship with both of them...

**How long did you last?: Not very with the piper... Quite a while with the Guardie, still kinda going. hehe.

**Do you still talk to them?: Constantly.

**Did your break up affect your band life?: Nope. We took our relationship as a joke in both cases. So it was quite funny. It was more like "gay gal's going with a piper" in the piper's case. No one took it seriously and neither did we. hehe.

**What is/are your band teacher(s) like?: GMac: A klutz. He doesn't know music theory too well... Can't keep the beat to save a baby from drowning... Eh, he's ok.
KLo: The best teacher I've EVER had. Talented, respecatable... Really sarcastic... Crazy perfectionist in all aspects... Trumpeter ego, but in a really sarcastic/sweet way... I'm not in love with him!

**Have you ever wanted them to die?: Well... There's the times GMac's on the roof of the 800's (4 stories up) during August Band... And he says "From the top!" I always think "You shall fall!" But not really.... It's a bando joke... Even he laughs at it.
KLo... Never. He might be a tight-ass sometimes, but he's just great at that too. :)

**Have you ever plotted out their death?: No, never. :) Just co-wrote a story about a character that *sort-of* resembled GMac... But not really. We showed it to him too. It was like a big pile of inside jokes thrown together in a story. And it ended with "You shall fall!". hehe.

**Have you ever went through with your plan?: No, and I never will. I <3 them too much! (And plus, their recc's will get me into Mansfield or Crane!)

**Do you get along with your section?: Eh... For the most part.

**Are you section leader?: Yeppers. Lance Corporal, two stripes!

**What seat are you, and out of how many?: Right now... 2nd out of 43 piccolos. The 11th of August, hopefully I'll get 1st. Dancing Hobbit's in 1st.

**Do you prefer marching band or concert band?: Concert.

**How many days till band camp?: Eh... Two days until July Band rehearsal #4, even though it's August...

**Have you ever been ridiculed for being in band?: Yes. Then I showed them my bearskin.

**If so, how did you respond?: See above.

**Have you and your band friends ever made and laughed at inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Yes!!!

**Did they look at you funny?: Yep.

**Did you explain the joke to them?: I just said "You're not a bando." And they were all "Ok."

**Do you feel bad about laughing at those inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Nope. :)

**What do you think about bus rides?: I think about bagpipers... And how I've always gotten stuck on a bagpiper bus. And how Mr Long flips at the bagpipers for singing the melody to Windy really loud. And prank phone calls that he joins in on... hah. Great times!

**In the dark?: Prank cell phone calls with the assistant director. Can't get better than that!

**With that special someone?: The Guard and the Pipers NEVER get on the same bus. EVER. It's like a law of band. That Guard and Pipers don't mix. Or else mass stupidity and chaos occur simultaneously and KLo pops a vein and kills them all. :)

**Have you ever made out on the band bus?: Nope. I always sit in the seats next to KLo with my pal Kate... And all my gals and guys that just graduated. *sniff*

**In the band room?: Yes... But only KLo and GMac had left. :) And duct tape was involved.

**Does your band get along with the football team?: NO. This one time, my pal Josh played his bagpipes and I played my picc on BASD Blvd right next to the practice field... And my ex-swim coach's hubby the f-ball coach called security at us for "disturbing the f-ball team". It was quite amusing. Since, we've done that from the courtyard and on the street above the hill, right next to the practice field from the other end. They hate us for "making noise" and we hate them for killing our field. Eh... It's all good and simbiotic except we win more.

**The cheerleaders?: NO WAY. What I don't understand... Is that they ALWAYS try to rub our bearskins when we're marching from the stadium to the band room! And we ALWAYS march ON THEM... Yet they STILL try to rub our bearskins!!! Even tho we always march on them! That's kinda sad! Talk about stereotypical brain-dead cheeries! NO ONE rubs our bearskins but us!

**Football fans?: Eh... Some get their kids to dress up in little Grenadier uniforms... It's kinda cute. Most of the fans come just to see us. Even from the other schools. So they're ok... Until they try to sing Rule Britannia, then they get annoying...

**Do you constantly have the fight song stuck in your head?: Nope. Dammit. Now Bethlehem/Liberty Forever's in my head. I change my mind, yes. Rule Britannia's in my head more.

**The cadence?: Lately, it's been the pipe drum cadence... Not the non-pipe drum cadence.

**The giggalo?: The what? Is that like the Windy dance?

**Does your section have a mascot?: Not anymore. It use to be Little Sean. Now, I guess it shall be Owen the Dancing Hobbit, who I'm gonna take first chair away from in a week.

**Is your section known for doing something?: Yes. The Windy Dance. And passing the pixie sticks around.

**Are you a good marcher?: Yep. I've never been out of step.

**Are you a good fellow band member?: Yep. I helpeth the freshmen before I basheth the freshmen. :)

**Do you consider the band your second family?: Yep.

**Does your band room smell funny?: Eh... It use to smell of chlorine... Then the poor 83 year old pool died and almost cause the whole Commons to sink. It had wooden supports... :( (And us swim team kiddies have to go to Freedom until odd times of the night....) The only part of the band room that smells bad is the tiny hall that has the pipe room at the end of it, the bearskin room in the middle and Mr Long's office by the door out. And it only smells bad if we'd been in a performance when it rained recently. Those bearskins... Smell like wet bear... And wet bear smells pretty bad. Other than that, nope.

**Do you believe in the power of duct tape?: YES! It's very powerful indeed!

**Have you ever tried to convince people that duct tape is magical?: Nope (since it's kinda understood), but KLo has... And he succeeded. hehe.

**Is your band director a tape artist?: Yes, only Mr Long. Except the duct tape must be placed perfectly. Or else he flips.

**Is your band ghetto?: Eh. Fake ghetto. Mr MacGill *tries* too hard to be ghetto. And then he makes us play "Stacey's Mom".... How sad.

**Has your band director ever filled the basses and snares with foam lining
and packing peanuts for indoor season because the line is large?: Nope. Since a few of the drummers are pipe drummers. (AKA "Better than real drummers, just not in intelligence" drummers.) And we don't really have a drumline.

**Is your percussion instructor hot?: Well, the one that was around last year was friends with that Linkin Park singer guy. And he was pretty good-looking, yes.

**Have you ever been harrassed by a drummer?: Yes. For the past seven years. hehe. He likes tossing my music off my stand after walking around like a moron. And I like to trip him. :)

**Have you ever been to a band geek party?: Yep. And Band Sergeant Major Jarred's planning like a million for this year. (Since I harrassed him about doing so. hehe.)

**Are your woodwinds annoying?: Some of them... The sax kiddies are catching up to the trumpeters with their egos.

**Are your brass annoying?: The trumpeters. But they're nothing compared to the Fanfare Trumpeters. They're the ones with the ego problem. (So the theory's correct... A trumpeter's ego gets bigger with the size of his horn...) My pal Roxanne the euphonium godess, the only female Fanfare in the past who knows how many years, was the only exception. Now she's going to Mansfield in September.

**Is the percussion annoying?: Eh... Tambourine Boy is. He can't keep the beat or play violin well. :)

**Who is by far the most nnoying?: It depends. Sometimes, it's the pipe drummers... Like when they skip band and go to McDonald's. Sometimes it's the Fafares... When they really get egomaniacal. A lot of the time, it's the bagpipers. I <3 them to death, but it's like their job to be annoying when they're not making loud annoying noises out of their pipes.

**Does your band have any rituals?: Yes. Bohemian Rhapsody on Long's bus is my fave. The Windy Dance, all the brass pieces... WALTZING AT THE QUARTER!!!! (hehe. Mr Long's making his own tradition... By making us play Waltzing Matilda when the buzzer rings at the end of 1st quarter....)

**What's your favorite bus ride food?: Pixie sticks.

**Have you ever played truth or dare on the bus?: I'm on KLo's bus... So that's kinda impossible. Even tho we all know he did worse stuff during his senior year in 1982... And MacGill probably yelled at him a lot too. We don't want him to think of us as smut brains. Since his bus is usally pipers and high-ranking bandos.

**What makes your band room 'unique' from others?: Oh boy.... What can I remember....
We're the only high school band in the world to play with the Coldstream Guards Band... So there's LOTS of photos with that around... Photos, letters....
We have the largest collection of bearskin hats in North America in the bearskin room... (Which is falling apart and smells pretty bad if the bearskins had been in the rain...)
We're the only high school with a full set of 8 Fanfare Trumpets and there's a lot of photos depicting that... (And if I'm not mistaken, the only other group to have 8 is the US Marine Corps.)
We have a full bagpipes and drums corps, and the pipers practically LIVE in the pipe room, which is falling apart more than the rest of the room since it use to be a radio booth...
And a whole lotta other crap related to the Coldstream Guards Band.
Trophies line the walls and the director's small offices...
There's a cereal box from the 60's with the band on it...
A couple of letters from presidents, JP Sousa, Edwin Franko Goldman and others in display cases... (I remember two in particular. One from Bill Clinton and another from Harry S Truman...)
CD's with the Guards, photos with the Guards and their various directors and Sergeants... Old uniforms... Old directors peak caps and uniforms... Old kilts... Pretty much the history of the band since the 1920's in really old locked display cases lining the small little entrances by the doors. And Big Bertha the huge bass drum in the small hall seperating MacGill and Long's offices.
Lots of crap... It's a really old room and it's not in the best condition... But I LOVE it. It's a great place to be.
Right before we played for Ed Rendell's Inaguartion, the papers described it as "the cavernous abyss under the gym bleachers". I find that kinda amusing...

**What's the funniest thing that has ever happened in your band?: There's a few... Hmmm... I'd say the funniest is a tie between winning Hershey by 1/10 of a point after being stuck in the rain for three hours and Freedom getting 7th after marching in the rain, and then losing to Freedom for the first time since Freedom's construction by 1/10 of a point at Ephrata... And the other is probably... Taking a wrong route and ending up back in the route fifteen minutes later at Hamburg my sophomore year. (hehe.)

**Do you like those 'You Know You've Been In Band Too Long' lists?: Yes.

**Promote this community somewhere and post the link.: Ok.

*Will you continue to promote if you are accepted?: Yep.

**At Least 3 CLEAR Pictures of Yourself. No prob. :)

A photo Mr Baker took of me at Fairfield Halls during rehearsal. I like it.

Sergeant Jason and Steve choking eachother in our hotel in London. (An hour before we left...)

Me and Mr Long after our concert at Fairfield Halls. (He is such a sweet person...)

Me and my pal Kate with Major Graham Jones, director of the Coldstream Guards Band, after our concert at Fairfield Halls. (That's in Croydon, London, UK.) I bow down to that man. And his harp. And just him in general.

Kate and I with Mr Sherry, 2nd director of the LHSGB (and the sweetest musician I know!) and Mr MacGill, 3rd/current director of the LHSGB. Again, at Fairfield Halls.
I don't have any photos of me in uniform on my computer.... But there's bound to be a few on .
I ramble a lot..... Sorry.....
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++++you can play LOADS of instruments
+your band pulled off ( formation. our band had something like that and we failed miserably...
+i liked your app

*giggles* Thanks. ^_^
That was the year before I went to Liberty and I remember going to that game (the last, by the looks of all the signs) and being really really impressed. That was the traditional two-minute or so extension after Rule Britannia.
But now that I look at it... We're doing that same exact form this year somewhere in the middle of the show except with colour guard and bagpipes down the middle... (Shows how MacGill's gotten progressively lazier...)
We've pulled off a lot tougher than that... The directors get on the roof and make sure everything's looking good. I don't wanna sound all boastful, but it's pretty tough to guide with a bearskin on since the bear hair's 'sposed to be over the eyes... I have no clue have everything always seems to work.
Sorry for rambling, I just got outta band. :)
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