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There's no promise of safety

**Hi what's your name?: Geoff

**That's nice, I don't really care: You should I am awesomeness in a potatoe!

**Okay let's start with this, do you consider yourself to be a band dork?: Yes

**Are you proud of it?: Yes

**Do you like your uniform?: I'm a ... Mexican Power Ranger

**Does it fit?: Yes

**Do you tap your feet outside of band?: Yes

**Has anyone ever said anything to you about it?: Many a time

**What's your band director's name?: Mr. Nelson, Asst Mr. Hannah (Hannah could definitely be a full on director of his own)

**What do non-band people think about him/her?: Nelson: They don't care/Hannah: Think he is obsessed (which is true)

**What is their original instrument?: Both Trumpet

**What do you play?: Trombone

**Do you enjoy it?: Yes

**If you HAD to switch, what would you play?: Tuba/Sousaphone

**Have you ever dated another band dork?: No, well sorta (She is in AP Music Theory and Jazz Band

**What did he or she play?: 10 years of piano; 4 or 5 of guitar

**How long did you last?: 8 and a half and counting

**Do you still talk to them?: Obviously

**Did your break up affect your band life?: N/A

**What is/are your band teacher(s) like?: Cool and crazy

**Have you ever wanted them to die?: No

**Have you ever plotted out their death?: No

**Have you ever went through with your plan?: N/A

**Do you get along with your section?: Most of them

**Are you section leader?: Should be. One of our didn't submit his essay but still got the spot and everyone hates him so he is a horrid SL.

**What seat are you, and out of how many?: We haven't done chairs yet, also it's unfair due to schedule conflicts

**Do you prefer marching band or concert band?: I like both.

**How many days till band camp?: Negative 37

**Have you ever been ridiculed for being in band?: Yes

**If so, how did you respond?: Defended it, because he was 5'7" 300 and sat at home on his ass all day.

**Have you and your band friends ever made and laughed at inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Yes, many in NYC.

**Did they look at you funny?: Yes (the New Yorkers just looked in disgust)

**Did you explain the joke to them?: No

**Do you feel bad about laughing at those inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Not at all

**What do you think about bus rides?: Fun

**In the dark?: On charter busses? Hmmmmmm ;D

**With that special someone?: She ain't in marching. =/

**Have you ever made out on the band bus?: Yes, T&D is responsible for 99% of bus makeouts and band hook ups

**In the band room?: No

**Does your band get along with the football team?: We each have football friends and football enemys. For the most part, yes

**The cheerleaders?: No

**Football fans?: Yes

**Do you constantly have the fight song stuck in your head?: Yes

**The cadence?: Both

**The giggalo?: MALE PROSTITUTION!

**Does your section have a mascot?: Yes.

**Is your section known for doing something?: Yes

**Are you a good marcher?: Yeah

**Are you a good fellow band member?: Yes

**Do you consider the band your second family?: Yeah

**Does your band room smell funny?: Yeah

**Do you believe in the power of duct tape?: Yeah

**Have you ever tried to convince people that duct tape is magical?: Yes

**Is your band director a tape artist?: I don't know

**Is your band ghetto?: Broke, yes. Ghetto, no.

**Has your band director ever filled the basses and snares with foam lining
and packing peanuts for indoor season because the line is large?: Yes

**Is your percussion instructor hot?: Shane is Shane, from what girls tell me, No

**Have you ever been harrassed by a drummer?: Only in kidding

**Have you ever been to a band geek party?: Yes

**Are your woodwinds annoying?: Most yes.

**Are your brass annoying?: Some yes

**Is the percussion annoying?: Some yes

**Who is by far the most annoying?: Woodwinds/a few select trumpets

**Does your band have any rituals?: Individual sections do.

**What's your favorite bus ride food?: Cosmic Brownies! (more to that later)

**Have you ever played truth or dare on the bus?: Yes

**What makes your band room 'unique' from others?: Headdresses!

**What's the funniest thing that has ever happened in your band?: Too many to list; probably, something involving me, though.

**Do you like those 'You Know You've Been In Band Too Long' lists?: Some are inaccurate.

**Promote this community somewhere and post the link.:

*Will you continue to promote if you are accepted?: Yes

**At Least 3 CLEAR Pictures of Yourself.
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My girfriend and I when we started going out aka before my hair grew out
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Concert Districts 05
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Begining of last years show at State.
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