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**Hi what's your name?: Alicia     

**That's nice, I don't really care: ok

**Okay let's start with this, do you consider yourself to be a band dork?: of course I <3 Band

**Are you proud of it?: Hell Yes

**Do you like your uniform?: Well not really but it could look a lot worse.

**Does it fit?: Yes very well actually

**Do you tap your feet outside of band?: yep all the time

**Has anyone ever said anything to you about it?: no

**What's your band director's name?: Mcbride

**What do non-band people think about him/her?: I’ve never really heard anyone comment on her.

**What is their original instrument?: Clarinet

**What do you play?: Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, and Clarinet

**Do you enjoy it?: yep

**If you HAD to switch, what would you play?: Tuba I think that is the coolest instrument ever but I haven’t had time to learn to play it.

**Have you ever dated another band dork?: Yep

**What did he or she play?: Alto sax

**How long did you last?: well the first time it was 4 months and it has been 2 months since we got back together.

**Do you still talk to them?: well not at the moment we are currently having a little spat.

**Did your break up affect your band life?: The first time it did cause I couldn’t be around the people I usually hung out with in band because he was always with them and it was awkward being around him.

**What is/are your band teacher(s) like?: She is awesome. She has her days but over all I <3 her.

**Have you ever wanted them to die?: Never even considered thinking about it.

**Have you ever plotted out their death?: no way

**Have you ever went through with your plan?: I’d be locked away

**Do you get along with your section?: There are seven of us and we are all girls and I love everyone of them .

**Are you section leader?: Nope but my senior year hopefully I will be one.

**What seat are you, and out of how many?: 3rd out of seven

**Do you prefer marching band or concert band?: Marching by far

**How many days till band camp?: 324 days 12 hours 18 minutes

**Have you ever been ridiculed for being in band?: Yes

**If so, how did you respond?: I just ignore them its not even worth listening to.

**Have you and your band friends ever made and laughed at inside jokes in front of non-band people?: Yep

**Did they look at you funny?: Yep

**Did you explain the joke to them?: No way band kid jokes have to stay within band kids.

**Do you feel bad about laughing at those inside jokes in front of non-band people?: no they have inside jokes as well.

**What do you think about bus rides?: They are awsome

**In the dark?: not as fun

**With that special someone?: even more fun

**Have you ever made out on the band bus?: *blushes* Maybe

**In the band room?: no I would get caught

**Does your band get along with the football team?: a lot of our members are on the football team

**The cheerleaders?: We don’t pay them much attention they are kind of nasty at our school.

**Football fans?: Of course

**Do you constantly have the fight song stuck in your head?: Not constantly but a lot.

**The cadence?: No because we have new cadences and I don’t like them.

**The giggalo?: no

**Does your section have a mascot?: Nope

**Is your section known for doing something?: we have a handshake and we are known as the best section in the band we are actually louder than the trumpet and we are clarinets

**Are you a good marcher?: Yes

**Are you a good fellow band member?: Yes

**Do you consider the band your second family?: Yes

**Does your band room smell funny?: Yep it kind of smells gross

**Do you believe in the power of duct tape?: Duct tape will fix anything. I also once made a skirt out of duct tape it was awesome

**Have you ever tried to convince people that duct tape is magical?: Yep

**Is your band director a tape artist?: No but last year we had a tuba player that was.

**Is your band ghetto?: no

**Has your band director ever filled the basses and snares with foam lining
and packing peanuts for indoor season because the line is large? : umm no

**Is your percussion instructor hot?: Yes very very hot

**Have you ever been harassed by a drummer?: All the time

**Have you ever been to a band geek party?: Yep

**Are your woodwinds annoying?: I am a woodwind and we are not annoying,

**Are your brass annoying?: yes   

**Is the percussion annoying?: sometimes it depends on the day

**Who is by far the most annoying?: tuba’s but I still love them

**Does your band have any rituals?: Yes we have a cheer thing we do at the end of rehearsals and we begin rehearsals playing the fight song.

**What's your favorite bus ride food?: Candy

**Have you ever played truth or dare on the bus?: Yes its fun

**What makes your band room 'unique' from others?: hmm well we all practically live in it and recently the “unique” addition has been a hair salon chair I have no clue where it came from but I noticed it the other day and I was like well that weird. We also have a couch

**What's the funniest thing that has ever happened in your band?: well this really didn’t happen to me but its always funny when our tuba section leader lays on the ground then the drum section leader comes over to him lays on top of him and humps him.

**Do you like those 'You Know You've Been In Band Too Long' lists?: Yes they are really funny

**Promote this community somewhere and post the link.:

*Will you continue to promote if you are accepted?:Sure

**At Least 3 CLEAR Pictures of Yourself.

me and my clarinet



long story short some of my fellow clarinets where at my house and dared me to put on every bra that was in the room there were 5. so i ended up putting on 5 bras and getting my picture taken.


me and my on again off again boyfriend going to band camp.


picture from my humping story


me at band camp with my section leader in the background


me and my dads friend dancing at a wedding


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