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**Hi what's your name?: Stephanie

**That's nice, I don't really care: Ok, so let's start this shall we?

**Okay let's start with this, do you consider yourself to be a band dork?: As dorky as they come hun

**Are you proud of it?: Heck yes! Who wouldnt be

**Do you like your uniform?: They arnt the most stylish, but I like looking uniformed

**Does it fit?: Suprisingly yes

**Do you tap your feet outside of band?: Guilty!

**Has anyone ever said anything to you about it?: No, I usually tap my toe inside my shoe

**What's your band director's name?: Rod Reed

**What do non-band people think about him/her?: I duno, never really gotten feed-back on him

**What is their original instrument?: Alto Sax

**What do you play?: Trumpet/baritone/french horn/piano

**Do you enjoy it?: love it!

**If you HAD to switch, what would you play?: Trombone...its brass

**Have you ever dated another band dork?: Yeah, who in band hasnt?

**What did he or she play?: One played sax, the other was a drummer

**How long did you last?: A few months(both)

**Do you still talk to them?: Yeah, we're good friends

**Did your break up affect your band life?: It was weird going to pratice and such at first

**What is/are your band teacher(s) like?: Really sarcastic, funny, easy-going, but a hard working, pushes up at everything(but not in a bad way)

**Have you ever wanted them to die?: Heh, only when he pissed me off really bad

**Have you ever plotted out their death?: Yeah, but its kinda harsh

**Have you ever went through with your plan?: No...then I'd be in jail and not here

**Do you get along with your section?: Yeah, for the most part

**Are you section leader?: No, but Im hoping to be

**What seat are you, and out of how many?: 1st out of 10

**Do you prefer marching band or concert band?: Marching

**How many days till band camp?: 40

**Have you ever been ridiculed for being in band?: In a way yeah

**If so, how did you respond?: Nicely, its not my problem if they dont have a life

**Have you and your band friends ever made and laughed at inside jokes in front of non-band people?: haha yeah, its funny

**Did they look at you funny?: Yeah, but oh well

**Did you explain the joke to them?: No, they wouldnt get it anyways

**Do you feel bad about laughing at those inside jokes in front of non-band people?: No, they have jokes I dont understand

**What do you think about bus rides?: They are most fun

**In the dark?: Haha, thoes are the best ones

**With that special someone?: If there was a "special someone"Im sure they'd be more fun

**Have you ever made out on the band bus?: No

**In the band room?: No, I'd get so0o busted!

**Does your band get along with the football team?: Yeah, they actually like having us out there(were the loudest)

**The cheerleaders?: They think we're a good support group to rial up the attenders

**Football fans?: Some think we're obnoxious

**Do you constantly have the fight song stuck in your head?: Yeah...but thats partly cause its my ringtone

**The cadence?: haha yeahh

**The giggalo?: Yeah

**Does your section have a mascot?: Our section leader thinks he is...course he was crazyy

**Is your section known for doing something?: Nothing fancy, we have a secret handshake

**Are you a good marcher?: Yeah

**Are you a good fellow band member?: Yeah

**Do you consider the band your second family?: Of course!

**Does your band room smell funny?: Yeah...valve oil, spit, and sweat

**Do you believe in the power of duct tape?: Yeah! Duct tape fixes everything...accept rain

**Have you ever tried to convince people that duct tape is magical?: Nah, but I do treat it with high respect

**Is your band director a tape artist?: No, but our drum instructor is

**Is your band ghetto?: Our equiptment is so I guess

**Has your band director ever filled the basses and snares with foam lining
and packing peanuts for indoor season because the line is large?: No, we dont have that big a line

**Is your percussion instructor hot?: Hes cute, but thats weird

**Have you ever been harrassed by a drummer?: Verbally

**Have you ever been to a band geek party?: Of course! They're the ultimate

**Are your woodwinds annoying?: Yeah! Except the saxs

**Are your brass annoying?: No!

**Is the percussion annoying?: YES!

**Who is by far the most nnoying?: The flutes/guard

**Does your band have any rituals?: When we get our schedule for competition pratice...we treat it like a sacred scribe and such..its funny

**What's your favorite bus ride food?: HAHA SKITTLES!! Sorry joke

**Have you ever played truth or dare on the bus?: Yeah, its crazyy

**What makes your band room 'unique' from others?: Probably the fact that 1)its actual wood(the others have carpet and sound obsourbers) 2)its small and 3)We have a hall(the others dont)

**What's the funniest thing that has ever happened in your band?: HAHA umm...we were at competition, and a bunch of us were in the bathroom, and we had a rave in the bathroom, and some band director walked in..it was halarious

**Do you like those 'You Know You've Been In Band Too Long' lists?: Haha, yeah there halarious, and mostly so true

**Promote this community somewhere and post the link.: http://www.livejournal.com/users/uncmusic08/

*Will you continue to promote if you are accepted?: Yeah

**At Least 3 CLEAR Pictures of Yourself.

Im on the right

 Im in the black

 Yeah, so you cant see me. It was the band trip to Orlando, and we were about to go on the Jaws "Senic Tour" I couldnt help myself :-p

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